"This is a band to keep an eye on. They have the goods."
-Your Music Magazine
  Primal Jaimal, an original rock band led by Jaimal Lovitt, features heavy guitar-based music that is intense, profound, and directly from the heart. Jaimal's lyrics range from scathing satire to emotionally raw observations of people and events, which are often told through first-person narratives. His passion is matched by his accomplished and unique guitar style. Primal Jaimal holds nothing back.

Raised in Santa Cruz, California, Jaimal began studying classical piano at the age of twelve. He quickly found a passion for composing and soon he was writing his own classical pieces.

In his early teens he began playing music with his friends Sean Thayer and Jake McCuen.The three of them formed the band Soundcurrent with Bryan Logan and Davy Guymont. Jaimal wrote many of the songs in this band, sang and played keyboards.

He began focusing on guitar in his early twenties and formed his current band, Primal Jaimal, a power trio with Sean Thayer on bass and Jake McCuen on drums Jaimal writes music about all that he sees and feels. Many of his songs, such as Hey Baby I Love You, Manny the Troll, and Heroin and Shit, are dark in nature, influenced by the harsh realities of life. In spite of some challenging and lonely times, Jaimal has held fast to his spirituality and celebrates it with Prelude to Rocky, Lord Don't Leave Me Today and Everything Is Alright.

Jaimal loves nature and has always enjoyed hanging out in the tops of trees. You can still find him there guitar in hand. He currently lives in Los Angeles and is pursuing his dream of bringing love and awareness into the hearts and minds of others through music.